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Transmeter with Display

Transmeter with Display
Transmeter with Display
Product Code : 43
Product Description

Transmeter with Display (TU-1000)


  • "The Ultimate" Gas Sensor + Transmitter
  • Unmatchable Features
  • Flammable, Toxic, Oxygen, CO2
  • 4-20mA analog output or Digital RS485 output
  • Non-intrusive magnetic calibration
  • 4-digit back-lit display & 5-mode status LED s
  • Three preset alarm thresholds
  • Self-diagnostic procedures
  • Zero Trackers
  • Digital Filter
  • ATEX Certified for Group I and II

Our range of TU1000 series is available for large no. of gases Methane, LPG, Gasoline, Hydrogen, Ethyl Alcohol, Methyl Alcohol, Ammonia, Toluene, Xylene, Acetone, Hexane, Ethylene, Acetylene, Oxygen, CO, H2S, SO2, NO2, Cl2, HCl, etc.

TU1000 (The Ultimate) Transmitter

We offer TU1000 series transmitters which is the latest invention of Intelligent Transmitters having the ultimate gas sensor + transmitter with unmatchable features. Our product detects either flammable or toxic vapours, Oxygen enrichment or depletion or CO2. It can provide 4-20 mA analog output and/or Digital RS485 output and can be interfaced with any standard process indicator or PLC/DCS. It can be calibrated through non-intrusive magnetic device or through PC or through a hand-held unit (display version). Our product is available with three settable alarms, three relays, open collector outputs, and back-lit display virtually anything you can ask from a transmitter.

It has a huge translucent front window with a 4-digit back-lit display and 5-mode status LEDs providing 24/7 gas concentration reading and channel status.

Our product have three-preset, software programmed, alarm thresholds corresponding to three LEDs indications. Further two LEDs provide visual indication of Fault and Power ON. The TU1000 unit comes complete with a 1-relay output interface with an optional 3-relay or 2-open collector outputs, thus making it an ideal choice for large scale installations with varied applications.

Technical specifications 

Sensing element

PELLISTORS, Industrial grade Electrochemical Cells, INFRARED sensor

Measurement range

0-100% LEL, ppm for toxic gases, %vol. for CO2

Power supply

12- 24 Vdc +/- 15%

Consumption at 12Vdc

90 mA (nominal); 130 mA (max)

Visual indications

Flashing LED (standard); 3 red LED for Alarm levels, yellow for Fault and green for Power supply (display version).

Display characteristics (Display version only)

4 digit, 7.5 mm high, 7 segment display

Analog output

4-20 mA (200 Ω)

Serial Output (optional)

Serial RS-485 MODBUS protocol

O/C or relay outputs (optional)

Open collectors or relay optional boards


1.5% full range or 10% reading


+/- 5% full scale

Warm-up time

5 minutes

Stabilization time

< 2 minutes

Response time

< 15 sec. T50; < 25 sec. T90 (flammable gas with Pellistor)

Storage temperature

-25 / + 60oC

Operating temperature

-10 / + 60 oC (flammable gas version)

Relative humidity

20-90 % Rh / 40 o C

IP rating

IP65 (Exd version); IP55 (Exn version)

Operative pressure

80-110 KPa

Air velocity

< 6 mS -- check unit


Exd : 900 gr. Blind Exn: 800 gr Blind
Exd : 900 gr. Display Exn : 700 gr display


Exd : L.106, H. 160, D. 80 mm
Exn : L.106, H. 180, D. 65 mm


The detector must be mounted with sensor head downward

Reference Norms

EN60079-0 EN60079-1 EN60079-15
EN61241-0 EN61241-1 (Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Atmospheres).
EN 61779-1/4 (Performance)


CESI 01ATEX053 (Exd version)
CESI 03ATEX339 (Exn version)
CESI 02ATEX084 (Exd + performance)
CESI 04 ATEX106 (Group I)