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Paint Shop Oven Fixed Gas Monitor

Paint Shop Oven Fixed Gas Monitor
Paint Shop Oven Fixed Gas Monitor
Product Code : NV 400/500
Product Description
Paint Shop Oven Fixed Gas Monitor NV 400/500

NV - 400/500 is a latest technology and easy to operate gas detection equipment that can be used to detect and monitor gas leakage from LPG manufacturing, storage and consumption facilities from an accident due to gas leakage. Superior in reliability and accuracy, NV - 400/500 works on the principle of catalytic combustion and can be used to detect gases in the range of 0 - 100% LEL.

  • Seismic technology
  • User friendly operation
  • Auto zeroing
  • Simple span adjustment
  • 2 days backup power supply devices
  • Super thin depth, space saved indicator / alarm unit design.

Indicator / Alarm unit Model Number of mountable detectors ( an even number from 2 to 12)
Number of detectors mounted (from 1 to 12 )
A: Without a backup power source,
B: With a backup power source
Principle of detection Catalytic combustion type
Gas to be detected LPG leaked in the air ( i-C4H10 standard )
Detection range 0 to 100% LEL
Gas concentration indicator LCD bar graph meter With back light ( with scales to read preset alarm value and peak hold)
Standard preset alarm value 24% LEL ( iso-butane 0.43vol% ) The alarm point can be freely set using the. Keys.
Alarm accuracy Within ?25% of the preset alarm value
Response time Within 30 seconds when gas concentration is 1.6 times more than the preset alarm point ( Suction type: The delay due to sampling pipe length should be exempted.)
Alarm indication Individual alarm lamp Alarm sound Red blinks In ease of an alarm. Self-holding. Lights up when buzzer stops. Intermittent alarm sound- Self-holding. Consecutive alarm method.
Failure indication Individual power lamp Alarm sound Green lamp goes off and orange- lamp lights up when the sensor is disconnected. Intermittent alarm sound. Consecutive alarm method.
Alarm output terminal
Individual contact
Individual output
Collective contact
Buzzer contact
External buzzer output
Centralized supervisory panel output
1 a contact ( Contact capacity: AC100V 2A load resistance )
1 set each Voltage ( 0-6-12V 20mA or less ] 1 set each
1c contact ( Contact capacity: AC100V 2A load resistance )
1 set 1a contact ( Contact capacity: AC100V2A load resistance )
1 set
Voltage intermittent signal ( DC12V 10mA or less) 1 set
Voltage ( 0-6-12V 20mA or less ) 1 set
External reset terminal Terminals for external buzzer stop and reset
Alarm delay Delay mode can be set individually. ( Delay time:10 seconds in standard ) Setup at the time of delivery : Not set
Zero suppression function Zero suppression mode can be set individually. Setup at the time of delivery : F.S.?5%
Auto zero adjustment function Zero point can be automatically adjusted simply by pressing a button.
Power source AC100-240V 50/60HZ ( standard ) DC24V?10% ( needs to be specified)
Power consumption Diffusion type: ( 15+3.5_n ) VA n: number of detection point Suction type: The above + 4VA per point
Backup power source ( Unit with a backup power source only.) Battery: Gastight lead battery ( 12V2.6Ah_2 )

Model ( Nos. of detector head ) Diffusion type Suction type

NV-500-12 24 hours

NV-500-6 48 hours 15 hours

Charge time: About 24 hours

(*1) Conditions; A cycle of intermittent operation is eleven minutes. No alarm. Voltage output with no load.
Temperature range 0 to 400C
Installation Wall-mounted or recessed
Painting color Munsell 2.5 PB7.0/1.0
External alarm barrier Option : BT-150 intrinsically safe construction ( 2G4)
Maintenance function Maintenance mode 1 (Mainte lamp lights up, BATT voltage indicates " =1".)
Alarm lamp Blinks for about five seconds when the preset alarm value is reached then lights up.
Alarm sound: Intermittent sound. Automatically stops.
External output: All contact output and voltage output stop.
Peak hold: Peak hold is indicated when indication exceeds 10% LEL.
Zero suppression: Canceled in the maintenance mode.
Auto span: Peak hold value is automatically corrected to the calibration gas concentration value: simply by pressing a button.
Maintenance mode 2 ( MAINTE lamp lights up, BATT voltage indicates "=2".)
Auto zero and auto span functions are canceled.
Peak hold value of maintenance mode 1 is indicated.
Analog zero and span adjustments are carried out in this mode.