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Gas Detection System

Gas Detection System
Gas Detection System
Product Code : 30
Product Description

Gas Detection System

Our manufactured Gas Detection System is easy to use and handle and is highly acclaimed for durability and flawless performance. We are established as one of the leading supplier of online gas detection system based in India. Our product is high sensitive equipment and is compact in its structure and design.


  • Gas leakage is monitored during power failure or other life line failures (on models with a built-in back up power supply).
  • Constantly monitors for 30 minutes after a power failure and then erratically monitors for 2 days, the intermission between observations depends on the number of detection points. (NV-500)
  • Tested normally in a seismic qualification test equal to intensity of 7 on the Japanese earthquakes.
  • A Plastic molded case which contains the electronic circuit is hard to break and has substantially improved insulation; the case structure has been refined to increase the strength.
  • Shows gas concentration at the time of an alarm as a glance.
  • Battery life check function measures by one-touch operation.
  • Easy accessible to change the alarm set value. (Δ∇ key)
  • NV-500 has extremely easy zero adjustment and span adjustment. (One-touch calibration function)
  • Wide operating voltage range of 85-264V
  • NV-500 comes with zero suppression function

Technical Data 

Item / Model


Detection Principle

Catalytic Combustion

Gas Detected


Detection Points per Unit

Monitors 2 points per unit

Detection Range

0-100%LEL (isobutane)

Concentration Indicator
Alarm Set Value Indication
Peak Hold Function (on alarm)

LCD bar-graph meter (53 dots x 2 lines)
Direct reading scale
Holds a peak value on alarm, which is canceled by the reset

Alarm Set Value (default value)/Change of the Set Value

24 or 16% LEL / Δ key

Alarm Accuracy

±25% of an Alarm Set Value (under identical conditions)

Response Time

30s or less at 160% concentration of an Alarm Set Value (excluding sampling delay for suction type)

Alarm Indication

Individual Alarm Lamp
Self-holding type

On Alarm : Flashes red, lights up after the Buzzer Stop Complete lock (Turn off by the reset after the level declined)

Alarm Sound

Standard operation

On Alarm : Intermittent buzzer, stops after the Buzzer Stop

Voice Alarm

On Alarm : Intermittent buzzer

External Alarm Output

Individual Alarm Contact

1 a no-voltage (Contact capacity : 2A@100V AC)

Individual Voltage output

0-6-12V DC (20,A or Less)

Collective Alarm Contact

1 c no-voltage (Contact capacity : 2A@100V AC)

Centralized Monitor Panel Output

0-6-12V DC (20,A or Less)

External Buzzer Contact

1 a no-voltage (Contact capacity : 2A@100V AC)

External Buzzer Voltage Output

Intermittent voltage signal (12V DC, 10mA or less)

Alarm Delay

Selectable by a DIP awitch (10s constant)

Main power Source

85-264V AC

Power Consumption

When Using KD-5

Diffusion type (15+3.5n)VA

When Using PE-2DC

Suction type (15+7.5n)VA

Backup Power Source (Only on models with a built-in backup power supply)

Battery Type

Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Overdischarge Prevention Function


Battery Life Check Function


Battery Viltage indication

2-digit LED

Exterior Color

Munsell 2.5PB 7.0/1.0